5 Adorable Indoor Cats for Houses and Apartment Living

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics, there are 74 million household cats in the United States; making up 30.4% of total household pet owning.

Finding the best cats for apartments and houses is a task as cat breeds have widely varying personalities. Some breeds are naturally comfortable indoors and some may spend most of their time outside; only coming back home occasionally.

Finding the best indoor cat breed, traits such as adaptability, affection level, child friendliness, intelligence, energy level, and vocalization should be considered.

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For houses and apartment living, these cat breeds are the purrfect choices (in no particular order):

The Siamese

Distinguishable by its regal combination of light coat and dark extremities, the Siamese cat sits at the throne as arguably the world’s most recognizable cat breed.

Centuries old, the Siamese also takes a spot as one of the oldest cat breeds. Despite having ancient manuscripts depicting the Thai cat, the Siamese wasn’t very popular in the West until the 19th century.

Good with people

If you live in a house or apartment with your family, then the Siamese is a perfect addition to your home. The Siamese is very affectionate and loyal and will surely love all the members of the family, including the children, if it is treated politely and with respect.

Communication is key

Nicknamed “Meezer”, the Siamese is extremely vocal. It may “talk” to you when you forget to feed it on time, when it demands your attention, or just about anything. The Siamese is intelligent and renowned for its social nature.

It also gets along well with other animals and loves being the center of attention. Moreover, the Siamese requires a lot of attention and may get depressed if left too often alone.

The Persian

As one of the most popular cat breeds, the Persian cat is known for its long hair and short, flat face.

Often touted as the best house cat breed, the calm and placid Persian is often indoors, sitting on the lap of its owner with contentment.

Sweet, gentle personality

The warmhearted Siamese is very affectionate and very devoted to its humans. The Siamese usually gets overly attached to its primary owner but has no problems accepting love from other people as long as it is treated with respect, not dragging it around like a toy.

Reserved and quiet

The Persian is gentle, quiet, and would rather be in a peaceful environment. In contrast to the Siamese, the Persian is an introvert; meaning, it would rather be bonding with its primary owner in a mild manner than be everyone’s center of attraction.

The laidback Siamese craves love and attention but mostly only from the people who have earned its trust.

Persian cat breed

The Himalayan

The Himalayan, also known as Himmy, is a Persian in Siamese drag. Himmy is basically the Siamese-Persian hybrid; almost identical to a Persian but has the color point markings of a Siamese.

Often regarded for its striking appearance, the marvelous long-coated Himalayan will surely be the home’s center of attraction.

Sweet-tempered and lovable

In contrast to the Siamese, the Himalayan is docile and quiet. The sweet-tempered Himalayan will bring joy to wherever it goes to, accepting pats and leaving impressions to everyone.

The Himalayan is affectionate but discriminating. It isn’t the kind that follows you around, demanding for your attention, though, would willingly accept it.

Though extremely affectionate, the Himalayan is selective with its affections. It mostly reserves its love for its human family or the ones it feels most comfortable with.

Beautiful long coat

A long, thick, and shiny coat is the Himalayan’s best asset. Its majestic appearance will surely bring some “aww” from housemates and neighbors. Its hair is identical with the Persian’s, but with the Siamese’s regal combination of light coat and dark extremities.

With such striking coat, the Himalayan needs frequent grooming. It is one of the best cats for apartments and homes where it can be combed daily by family members even if the primary owner is not present.

British Shorthair

Often referred to as “teddy bear”, the England-native British Shorthair has a broad chest, short legs, and a short but plush coat.

This mild-mannered cat is perfect for those who want an undemanding companion with a moderate activity level.

Calm, cool, and collected

The amicable British Shorthair’s got the 3 Cs–calm, cool, collected. As depicted by the fictional character Puss in Boots, the British Shorthair is normally quiet but can have bursts of crazed activity if the need arises, e.g. playtime.

Perfect home companion

The happy-go-lucky British Shorthair is a perfect addition to the family. It enjoys love and attention but not too demanding. It can be loyal to its owners but can also be independent.

The reserved and intelligent British Shorthair is not a lap cat, nor does it like getting carried around. Though it is affectionate, the British Shorthair would rather be just beside you on the couch. That being said, the British Shorthair makes a good breed for owners absent from the home during the day.

The Ragdoll

Known for its bright, tantalizing blue eyes, the semi-longhaired Ragdoll may be the most friendly and laidback cat breed.

The Ragdoll supposedly got its name because of its tendency to go floppy and limp with pleasure whenever it’s picked up.

Despite being a large cat breed, the adorable Ragdoll loves to cuddle. The gentle giant is submissive to its owners, making it a great cat breed for houses and apartment living.

Almost a puppy

Known as “puppy cat”, based on its personality alone, you could almost mistake the Ragdoll as a puppy. This is because of its puppy-like attitude; human-devoted and playful. It may even follow its humans wherever they go, greet them at the door, play together with a toy, or even learn to play fetch.

The Ragdoll also got its nickname, “puppy cat” from being too close with dogs and other cats. This docile feline is known to be very good with kids so if you have kids at home and in need of a cat companion, the Ragdoll is the best choice.


The friendly, good-natured Ragdoll thrives for human companionship. It likes to do anything that involves being with their owners; be it cuddling, walking around the block or even playing fetch.

The gentle giant is good with kids and usually, plays without extending its claws. This gentle lovebug can also learn a trick or two if trained properly.

The Ragdoll is a perfect companion; a sweet and friendly feline who likes to snuggle but can also match your playful activities.

In Summary

Cats are fascinating creatures to live with. These cute little furry babies are great additions to our homes, gracing us with their heartwarming affection and endearing cuteness. Who could resist?

Once you earn its trust and love, your furry friend could be devoted to you and think of you as its everything. Perfect companions – cats are blessings to this world.

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