5 Homemade Cat Toys I Made from Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Who says cat toys have to cost an arm and a leg? Since everyone has this particular item in their house that generally gets tossed into the trash; why not take advantage of it What makes using them a win-win situation is at the same time we are using it creatively; we’re helping to save the environment!

So don’t throw away those empty toilet paper rolls! Let’s have some fun using them to create some homemade cat toys.

The best thing is they’re also cheap, and some of these toys don’t cost anything to make! After all, who doesn’t want something for free nowadays? I know I do!

Here are 5 projects with which you can make cat toys out of empty toilet paper rolls. Let’s get started!

cute cat doll

1. Broom Rolls

To make this toy, you will only need an empty toilet paper roll and a scissor. Even kids that are old enough to handle scissors can make this toy. Just remove and excess paper off the roll before making it into a toy. 

Cut about 1-inch slits into one end of the tube and all around the base of the toilet paper roll. Proceed doing this until you make strips of about ½ or ¾ inches apart.

Repeat making the same strips on the other end of the tube.

Spread out the strips to make it resemble a wheel with spikes.

You can make hundreds of these until your kitties get tired. That’s how simple and easy this is.

One free toy down, four to go!

2. Treat Pockets

Can you believe that we will only need a toilet paper roll and some cat treats to make this toy? This toy will be so much fun and entertainment for your cat. It will also give your kitty some exercise.

Take a toilet paper roll and on one side of the roll fold the sides inward creating a closure.

Put some cat treats into the paper roll before closing the other end. As an option, instead of folding the end, stuff the tube with a piece of crumpled paper to close it.

This toy will be quite stimulating to your cats as they try to figure out how to get the treats from the inside of the tube. I can already imagine them rolling around the pocket toys on the floor when they smell the treats! Since toys similar to this one can be quite expensive, it is a money-safer as well.

two cat dools

3. Pompom Rolls

To make this toy you will need a few small, colorful pom poms, a paper roll, and hot glue. You can find colorful pompoms and hot glue at most arts and craft stores, hobby shops or online. Pom Poms are usually made from polyester fibers.

The first step is to hot glue the pompoms to the paper rolls according to your own design.

That’s it! There’s no more second step. Wasn’t that easy?

Your cat will love this toy since its texture is similar to a stuffed cat toy.

4. Spiral Toy

A spiral toy for cats? Of course! You can’t go wrong with this free cat toy.

You will need a scissor, your reliable, empty toilet paper roll and a wooden stick. Wooden sticks can be found at a craft or hobby shop.

Cut it in a slanting motion on one edge of the tube.

Continue cutting until you get to the other end. It will eventually form into a spiral. You may tie this on a wooden stick so there will be a swaying motion that cats will playfully attack.

An alternate version would be to put cat treats in between the spaces of the spiral and leave it on the floor. This would be great, especially if you cut the spiral into thicker strips to contain the treats. Your cat’s paws will definitely get a workout retrieving the treats.

5. Scratch Paper Toy

We all know that cats love to exercise by stretching and scratching with their paws. These are normal instincts and this toy can help divert their scratching activities to this toy instead of your furniture.

A good scratching toy must have texture; one that’s coarse or rough. It needs something into which cats cats can sink their claws.

To make this toy you will be need a toilet paper roll, some old newspaper, sisal twine (or jute string), and hot glue.

Remove any excess paper off the toilet paper roll and then stuff it with crumpled newspaper. The newspaper will serve as an additional weight to the light paper roll to avoid flattening the toy against the floor.

Wrap the sisal twine all around the paper roll. Dab hot glue on one end and wrap the sisal twine around the tube. Put hot glue on the sisal twine on the other end of the roll. This step is to avoid the sisal from getting untied by itself, or while being played with by your cats.

To further attract your cats, decorate this toy with fabric scraps you find around the house. This will be even more enjoyable for your cats to play with. If you don’t have scraps available, while you are at the hobby shop ask for a few swatches of fabric which are generally free.

If you want to make this toy even more enticing, buy some catnip spray at a pet store. Just spray the catnip onto this mini-toy. Your cat will no doubt go “bonkers” over it.

cat playing with toilet paper

Having Fun with Your Cats Yet?

We assure you that these toys are perfectly safe for our cats. These toys are all cat- tested with paw up reviews. Most importantly, not only will your cats enjoy these toys;  you will enjoy that your pocket book won’t take a beating.

There are almost infinite things that you can do with toilet paper rolls. We invite our cat loving readers to let them know that when it comes to creativity; the sky’s the limit.

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