5 Things Made Out of Cat Hair You Can Actually Buy on Etsy

Cat hair shedding is a natural part of our furry friends’ lives. If you’ve committed on owning a cat, then dealing with its hair shedding comes with it as a package.

Cat Hair is Feline Confetti: It may even come to a point where everywhere you look at your home, there’s cat hair on it. Be it on the sofa, the bed, or even on your shirts. Everything you own can have a little touch of cat hair on it.

On the positive side of things, your cat’s shedding may be its way of showing its love.

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If you’re a cat owner, then you probably already know that cat hair, these lovely creatures’ glitters, cannot be fully controlled from shedding. If your cat has been shedding a lot or needs a little trim, there are many services that offer customized products made from your cat’s hair.

Custom Made Infinity Scarf

If you already have a cat hair sweater, then getting this infinity scarf next is a purr-fect choice. Together, these special garments made from your beloved cat’s hair will surely keep you warm.

The Custom Made Infinity Scarf will require you 7 ounces of your cat’s fur. FurEver Keepsakes will then card, hand-spin into yarn on a spinning wheel, two-ply and wash, then crochet the fur into the infinity scarf.

As heartwarming your pet cat is, the custom-made infinity scarf can also keep your body warm. It will remind you of the comfort and tranquility your cat gives you, at the same time giving you a sophisticated look.


Cat Luv Necklace

Being stylish and adorable at the same time, the Cat Luv Necklace combines appealing look and endearment to your beloved cat.

According to the Etsy shop Floradavis, a felted heart made from your own cat’s hair is enclosed between 2 squares of wire mesh. The felted heart is approximately 1.5 inches wide. The pendant is then hung asymmetrically from bent stainless steel wire, then closed with a magnetic lock.

With this cute necklace, you can look elegant, at the same time, wear the symbol of your cat’s love. Everywhere you go, you can carry your cat’s innocent heart in the form of its felt.

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Pet Keepsake Ring

This good-looking keepsake ring is a beautiful reminder that your beloved pet is always with you.

Etsy shop Arty Resin’s Pet Keepsake Ring is a piece of art. The ring is made from clear resin, your pet’s fur, and sparkly glitters of your choice.

For this product, the shop owner requires at least 2 inches long and the thickness of a pencil of cat hair. The handmade keepsake makes a glamorous accessory that also conveys your undying love for your cat.

Wearing the charming ring expresses your devotion and affection to your beloved pet, but not too flamboyant, making it a good accessory to have for the cat lovers out there.

Keepsake Crocheted Dream Catcher

ave a good night sleep with this custom-made Keepsake Crocheted Dream Catcher.

FurEver Keepsakes offers custom-made accessories and garments made from your pet’s fur. For this product, you will need to send at least 25 grams (about 1 oz) of your cat’s hair. The fiber will then be carded, hand-spun into fine yarn on spinning wheel, two-plied and washed then crocheted into a dream catcher.

Made from your cat’s fur, you can have a lovely decoration in your home reminding you of your cat’s sweet memories. The willow hoop will be made from your cat’s woven fur, with white feathers hanging.

This handmade crocheted dream catcher will be filtering the bad dreams, letting only the sweet dreams pass through. Even only a small amount of your cat’s hair will protect you from unwelcome, bad dreams, reminding you how powerful their love can be.

Keepsake Teddy Bear

Like a teddy bear, some cats can become snuggling creatures, keeping you warm and protecting you from the dangers of this world. Even when you can’t communicate verbally, you know you have a connection. Cats, like teddy bears, can be a perfect companion.

Another one from the Etsy shop FurEver Keepsakes is the Keepsake Teddy Bear, made from spinning your cat’s hair into yarn. The shop owner requires at least 3.5 ounces of cat hair for the regular-sized 8″ tall teddy bear. For the small one, it will need about 2.1 ounces.

With your cat’s hair, you can have a lovely companion that resembles your cat’s unfading devotion to you, and one new furry friend.


Though inanimate objects, these five things made from cat hair are ways to immortalize your beloved cat. The products listed here can be all customized to include or use your own cat’s hair as the primary material, making them sentimental objects resembling your treasured pet.

A sweet memory of your pet lasting fur-ever.

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