11 Cute Cat-Themed Home Décor Accessories

Cats are more popular than dogs. That is a fact, at least in North America. 

And if you’re here to argue otherwise, you should know that there are about 73 million domesticated cats in the continent with 30% of households owning at least one as a pet. Dogs, on the other hand, are about 63 million in population.

If you think those figures are amazing, it’s only a fraction compared to the 500 million domesticated cats all over the world, outnumbering dogs three to one.

Home Décor for cats

A Little History

It’s not surprising to know the love that people have for their feline pets. In fact, cats were revered like gods in Ancient Egypt long before they were common household pets. However, there was a time when these beautiful creatures weren’t as beloved as they are now.

In fact, during the Spanish Inquisition, there was a mass killing of cats; all because Pope Innocent VIII deemed them evil. The great decline of cats caused an immense rat infestation which only furthered the ravaging of the Black Death.

In the Middle Ages, Europeans would cast a great number of cats on St. John’s Day and even tossed them from church towers during holy days. Thankfully, they managed to survive all that and are now receiving the love that they deserve.


Fast Forward

Now, if you want to express your undying admiration for this awesome animal, there are lots of things you can do and one of them is by incorporating cats into your home décor.

Cats are adorable creatures and it’s only right that you make use of this quality when looking for cat-themed home décor. Here are 11 of the cutest cat-themed home décor accessories you can start in no particular order.

Plexi-Framed Curiosity Black Cat

Black cats can be cute too. Just look at those adorable big eyes. This black and white photograph of peeking kitten by Jon Bertelli is the perfect addition to your interior walls, incorporating both your love for cats as well as a minimalist design.

For a long time, black cats have been associated with bad luck, a belief especially common in North America and most parts of Europe. In Britain and Australia, however, the people there believe in the opposite with black cats a sign of good fortune.

Whether you actually believe in luck or not doesn’t matter because this artwork is just the right amount of simplicity and it wouldn’t make you a creepy over-the-top cat person.

You can get this piece for only $54.

Sleeping Cat Rug

This handmade sleeping cat rug is made of polyester and exhibits one of the most common habits of domesticated cats.

Cats love to sleep. In fact, they could sleep up to 16 hours per day and older cats can spend 20 hours sleeping.

The reason for this is their genes. Cats are predatory hunters and mostly go about their activities at night. To conserve energy for their nightly excursions, cats mostly sleep during the day either deeply or lightly as they are also known to doze off or nap but still position themselves in a way that they’d still be ready to sprint or attack.

You know a cat is dozing when its eyes are closed but its ears still twitch from time to time, reacting to the sounds around it.

As for the rug, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, durable, and comes with anti-slip qualities which make it safer to have. Word of caution, though, your cat might claim this rug for itself.

You can get this sleeping cat rug for $28.99.

Funky Cat Shower Curtain

It’s time you stop ignoring your bathrooms and add an eye-catching new element that would certainly surprise any visitor who may come by. This funky cat shower curtain comes with a 12-buttonhole top which makes for easier hanging and tumble-dry, machine washable 100% polyester fabric.

Bathroom privacy has never been this funky and with this shower curtain bathing and showering has never been this enjoyable, for people at least.

Cats are not too keen on getting a bath as their thick fur cannot properly insulate their bodies when wet. Luckily, they are great self-groomers with a sandpaper-like tongue made for effective grooming.

This funky shower curtain is available at only $68.99.

Cat Beanbag

Some may think that it is impractical to buy a cat beanbag seeing as that it isn’t exactly made to be used by adults unless you have a kid at home. But if you had the money to spare, wouldn’t it be awesome to buy this just for the pleasure of seeing it around your house?

You can have this wonderful cat beanbag for around $179 to $279.

Cute Smile Cat Silicon LED Desk Lamp

If cute is what you’re after, you won’t find anything cuter than this silicon desk lamp. Designed to look like an adorable cat and keep you in a good mood with soft lighting, this LED desk lamp will look great anywhere you place it, even in the bathroom.

The best part about this desk lamp is that it’s quite affordable being only at $21.29.

Cat Face Pillow

Not every cat-themed home décor is bought. In fact, if you feel like doing a hands-and-crafts project, why not make your own cat heart pillow? For one, you would not have to pay for anything besides the materials used in making the pillow.

If you’re up for the DIY task, try using this pattern by Laura Gummerman.

Kit-Tea Cat Tea Infuser

It’s hard to tell whether this was invented by a genius or a ridiculously obsessed cat lover. Nevertheless, this Kit-Tea Cat Tea Infuser is definitely perfect for cat and tea lovers alike. With the appearance of a cat and a fish-shaped infuser inside, you wouldn’t have to deal with old-fashioned tea bags because tea time is made easier with the Kit-Tea Cat Tea Infuser.

You can get this for only $14.89.

Cat-Shaped Wine Holder

One of the best indoor decorations to have, the cat-shaped wine holder will provide not just cuteness but sophistication as well. Out of all the cute cat accessories for your home, this is definitely one of the most functional. With this, you’ll not only be offering wine but your love of cats as well.

The Cat-Shaped Wine Holder is available for only $25.99.

Cat-Themed Bed Sheet

Transform your bed into your own personal cat shrine (hope that doesn’t sound weird) with this beautiful bed sheet.

An explosion of pastel colors, this cat-themed bed sheet comes with a duvet cover, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases that are ultra-soft and comfortable.

If you want something new and colorful for your bed, you can get this bed sheet for $68.58 on Amazon.

Cat Key Holder

If you keep losing your keys, the best solution for that is to provide a specific place to store it and what better way to do so than getting a key holder in the shape of a cat? The Cat Key Holder is designed just for that and more! Besides keys, you can even place your cat’s leashes here.

This handy item is available only for $22.99.

Ceramic Cat Figurines

What’s better than one cat? The answer would be a whole family of them. Groups of cats are called “clowders” and although the term may not apply to these figurines, it doesn’t make them any less special.

These figurines are perfect to occupy the empty spaces of your house especially if you are a cat lover. You can get them for a price of $42.99.

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