These 11 Cat Breeds Actually Behave Like Dogs

Did you know that there are actually cats that can play fetch and swim? There are different cat breeds which have the same behavior as dogs and this happens mostly because of selective breeding. 

They can also be trained to learn different tricks and to follow commands. Cats that act like dogs are called “puppy-cat”. Sometimes, the reason behind this can be because they are trying to get their owner’s attention. 

If you want a cat with a canine behavior, there are lots of cat breeds to choose from.

Turkish Angora cat

Dog-like Cat Breeds

Cats and dogs are different in so many ways but sometimes, they can have similarities. These 11 breeds are dog-like felines which you can actually have if you prefer a low maintenance pet:

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora (also known as “Ankara”) is a very rare breed that is known for its all-white coat. There are also other colors such as solid black, cream and blue. You have to look for a reputable breeder and might even be put on the waiting list if you are planning to buy one.

Like a dog, it is an affectionate animal with a strong hunting instinct. Turkish Angora is a family-friendly breed that loves to stay busy and do fun activities such as playing with toys.

Playing in water and protecting its owner is what it is also good at.  Swimming can be fun for this cat too. It is helpful, easy to train, and can even learn to retrieve things.

white turkish angora with different color eyes


Manx is considered as one of the world’s oldest breeds with a broad chest and a short tail. It is available in two coat lengths: Short and long coat. Because of being too affectionate, this cat will never leave your lap every time you sit down to chill.

Manx cats are often described as dog-like cats. They love taking walks and fetching. Don’t be surprised if you see a Manx playing in the sink because it is fond of water too.

This breed of cats likes to accompany their owner and hate strangers in the house. Like barking dogs, they express anger toward strangers through excessive vocalization.

American Curl

American Curl is a medium-sized cat with a head-turning plum-like tail. At birth, its ears are straight but become curled-back after few days. Cat fanciers began breeding this in 1983.

American Curl is known to be dog-like because of its intelligence and due to following its owner all around like a dog does. Playing with cat toys and opening doors and cabinets are some of its hobbies. You’ll be less lonely if you own this breed because it is a good cuddle buddy.

American Curl


Sphynx is a breed of cat which was developed through selective breeding. Although Sphynx appears hairless, it’s actually covered with a fine coat. This outgoing cat has a wrinkled face and it sweats all over its body.

Some people think they are hypoallergenic but actually, they’re not because Sphynxes are capable of producing more dander.

Unlike other cats, dog-like behaviors like wagging of their tail and being devoted to their owner can be noticed with this breed. Sphynx cats are very trainable when it comes to learning tricks.


Ragdoll is a long-coated cat breed with fluffy fur that makes its face look large. Its coat varies in different patterns. Sweet and tolerant, this long-tailed cat is very great for well-behaved kids.

Owning a ragdoll can be very delightful because this cat will greet you as you get home and send you off to the door when you’re going to leave. When talking about behavior, Ragdoll is like a dog. When you are on a move, it will move along with you. Another surprising thing is that it can also dig a hole.


Chartreux is one of the most popular cat breeds that originated in France. During World War II, this dog-like breed of cat was almost lost. Thanks to the dedicated breeders who brought it back as healthy and easy-going breed.

Although you can just barely hear it make a sound, Chartreux is still great because it can easily adapt to the environment. It can learn to respond to its name. Some can fetch small objects like a dog and follow commands if trained well.


Bombay is an adventurous and affectionate breed of cat with a short satin black coat. In the 1950’s, this intelligent and attention seeking breed was created.

“Velcro cat” or “Velcro kitty” is the nickname given to Bombay cats because of following their owners around often. Like dogs, they are naturally curious and love fetching.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of cat. Cat fanciers often call it “the gentle giant”. Maine coons’ tails are long and bushy and they have a rectangular body shape. The dense and water-resistant coats serve as their protection. Until the age of 3 to 5 years old, they don’t reach their full size.

Maine coon has a similarity to dogs when it comes to hunting skills. This playful and loyal breed of cat will send you off to the door and greet you as you arrive at your house. Water and fetching can be fun for it too.

Maine Coon cat breed

Exotic Shorthair

Developed as a short-haired version of Persian, exotic shorthair has a fluffy coat and short tail with rounded tip. It is known as a sweet and docile breed of cats. With the life expectancy of about 15 years, this breed can do well and also friendly to other pets although it requires lots of attention from the owner.

Exotic Shorthair has similarities to some dogs when it comes to behavior. Hunting mouse is its specialty and it loves playing all kinds of games too.

Exotic Shorthair


Persian is an elegant breed of cat with long, thick and shiny fur. Medium in size, it usually weighs 7 to 12 pounds. This large-headed breed is friendly to children and other pets.

Like dogs, Persian is outgoing and loves to play games such as hide and seek. Although it is a nice and an independent breed, Persian still requires a lot of its owner’s time.

Persian cat breed


Abyssinian is a short-coated breed that originated in Egypt. Known as “clown of the cat kingdom”, this funny medium-sized breed surely entertains people.

Abyssinian has a dog-like attachment to its owner. Fetching, carrying toys in its mouth, and playing in the water are some of the things it loves to do. Naturally curious, Abyssinian likes roaming around the house and pays attention to what’s going on around.

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