Best 6 Non-prescription Low Phosphorus Cat Foods

Cats with kidney disease are usually prescribed a low phosphorus diet. This is because the kidney is no longer able to effectively remove excess phosphorus. While phosphorus is needed to grow bone and maintain body pH, excess phosphorus can weaken bones, cause muscle pain and many other issues.

The Association of American  Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) creates the nutritional guidelines for what is considered a “complete” diet for cats. Foods that do not have a minimum level of phosphorus must be labeled as “supplemental feeding only” or be “prescription only.”

There is no maximum level of phosphorus in cat foods, so levels between brands and flavors vary significantly. Some brands are conscious of the fact that 60% of cats over the age of 10 have kidney disease, so they strive to keep phosphorus levels low. Other brands do not pay as close attention.

The most important nutrient in chronic kidney disease(CKD) is not phosphorus, it is in fact water. Cat’s don’t have a strong instinct to drink water. Even cats that drink “a lot” of water don’t drink nearly as much as they should.

Wet food is the best way to increase natural water consumption. Dry food should not be fed to cats with kidney disease, except when they absolutely refuse to eat anything else. Appetite is often an issue in kidney disease, so it may be difficult to convince all cats to switch to wet food. The most important thing for cats with kidney disease is to keep them eating and keep them hydrated. Phosphorus is only a concern after these goals have been achieved. 

Finally, the sources of protein should be considered. Protein is build up of amino acids, and cats’ bodies, like ours, need certain amounts of each amino acid to repair the body and to build muscle. 

Any amino acids not fed in the correct ratio are “burned” for energy. This process can be hard on the kidneys and should be avoided in cats with kidney disease. To prevent this, high quality meat proteins should be fed. Plant proteins, such glutens or protein isolates are unlikely to provide very many of the correct amino acids for cats, causing the kidneys to work harder.

The 6 Top-Rated Low Phosphorus Cat Foods

Expert’s Pick ForBrandPalatabilityExpert’s Rating
Best Overall Dave’s Restricted Diet34.4
Best All-NaturalWeruva Truluxe Steak Frites54.4
Best Trusted NameHill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Tender Chicken or Savory Turkey44.1
Best With A Variety of Flavors
Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels (Pouches Only)44.2
Best All-Natural Dry FoodNow Fresh Grain-Free53.6
Best Trusted Name Dry FoodHill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Chicken Recipe53.3

Best Overall Low Phosphorus Cat Food : Dave’s Restricted Diet

Best Overall

Dave’s Restricted Diet Phosphorus – Chicken Dinner Canned Cat Food | Be The First and Leave Feedback

Dave’s Restricted Diet

Lowest phosphorus level among known non-prescription brands. 

Specific Nutrition General Nutrition Palatability Company’s Rating Total Rating
5 4 3 4.0 4.3

Dave’s Restricted Diet closely mimics a prescription kidney diet. It contains the lowest phosphorus levels in a brand available over the counter that we could find. With phosphorus levels at 90 mg/100 kcal, and a price around ⅔ of prescription cans, can you can’t go wrong with Dave’s.

The ingredients in this food are simple. Chicken is the main ingredient, giving the food a high healthy protein content and reasonable carbohydrate content (19.6% on a dry matter basis) to keep cats healthy.

Cats with kidney issues are notoriously picky eaters. If they are not used to this food’s texture and flavor, they might be hesitant at first. Mashing the paté with a fork, mixing in water and warming the food will make your cat more likely to give this excellent food a try.

The company is literally owned by a pet store owner named “Dave” who wanted to bring healthy and affordable pet food into his stores.

Part of the way they keep their prices low, is by skipping the fancy sales and marketing teams. It may be difficult to find this food in pet stores outside of the New England area. Luckily, it is widely available at online retailers.

Despite being a small company, quality control appears to be good. Manufacturing is contracted out to US and Canadian facilities who also make brands such as Wellness.

Because of the very low phosphorus levels, this food should NOT be fed to normal cats. Only cats who have been diagnosed with kidney disease or other medical issues requiring low phosphorus should be fed this food.

Best Low Phosphorus Food With Shredded Texture: Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites

Weruva Truluxe Cat Food, Steak Frites With Beef & Pumpkin In Gravy, 3Oz Can (Pack Of 24)

Best All-Natural

Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites

Best all-natural low phosphorous wet adult cat food for kidney diseases.  

Specific Nutrition General Nutrition Palatability Company’s Rating Total Rating
4 5 5 4.3 4.4

This flavor of Weruva canned cat food is highly palatable to cats. Most, but not all, cats prefer the shredded food texture. At phosphorus levels of 118 mg per 100 calories, this food excels in keeping phosphorus low and kidney cats happy.

It also has just enough phosphorus to feed to healthy adult cats as well, so multi-cat households can rest easy. Kittens however, will need a different kind of food.

Unfortunately, quality ingredients come at a cost. This food is more expensive than Hill’s prescription kidney diet. The plus side is that a can of Weruva is 6 oz, rather than the standard 5.5 oz can.

This food has a high meat content and an impressively low carbohydrate level, at 7.5% on a dry matter basis. Cats are carnivores and don’t naturally consume many carbohydrates, so a food with a low carbohydrate level can help keep them healthy.

Unfortunately, other flavors of Weruva cat food don’t share this low phosphorus level. If your cat doesn’t like this food or grows tired of it you will have to change brands. What a shame though because we think Weruva is a great brand!

Weruva has an excellent quality record, with no recalls. Although their canned food is manufactured in Thailand, it is made in a facility approved for human food. The company is a family business, which usually means quality is not sacrificed for profits. 

Best Trusted Name Low Phosphorus Food: Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Tender Chicken or Savory Turkey

Hill's Science Diet Wet Cat Food, Adult 7+ for Senior Cats, Chuncks & Gravy Tender Chicken Recipe, 5oz Cans, 24 Pack

Best Branded Low Phosphorus Food on A Budget

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Tender Chicken or Savory Turkey

Hill’s best flavoured and most affordable canned cat food with low phosphorous content. 

Specific Nutrition General Nutrition Palatability Company’s Rating Total Rating
5 3 4 4.0 4.3

Overall, Hill’s does a good job of keeping phosphorus levels low in their canned cat foods. Two flavors of Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ in particular stand out as great food for cats who need low phosphorus. These flavors are: “Tender Chicken Dinner” and “Savory Turkey Entree.”

Phosphorus levels of these foods are 95 mg/100 kcal for the chicken flavor and 115 mg/100 kcal for the turkey flavor. These low numbers are in part due to the relatively high calorie content of these foods. Cats with kidney disease often struggle to keep weight on so we think this flavor of food stands out from the other Hill’s foods for this reason.

This food is the most affordable canned food on our list, sitting just below the price of Dave’s Restricted Diet.

Keep in mind that there is a reason this food is able to have high calories while keeping the price down. This food is high in carbohydrates for canned cat food. Carbohydrate levels of this food on a dry matter basis are 29.8%. Both flavors of this food contain grains, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, the high carbohydrate levels are not ideal for cats that are overweight or diabetic. If this is the case, you may prefer a lower-calorie and lower-carbohydrate Hill’s senior food such as Adult 11+ Seared Tuna and Carrot.

The really great thing about Tender Chicken or Savory Turkey is how much cats love them. Each has a slightly different “chunks in sauce” texture and flavor, but reviews show that most cats are very happy with one or the other.

Hill’s is in an interesting position in the pet food world. Hill’s is owned by Colgate-Palmolive so they have great access to R&D and production knowledge. They have the resources to hire the best nutritionists, engineers and technologies. The company strives to really know what they are doing. They don’t outsource manufacturing in order to keep better quality control. They extensively test and research their foods.

However, they have the drawbacks of any large corporation. The bottom line and slow corporate pace of change can get in their way of truly offering a superior cat food. Making food that is highly marketable, cost-effective and healthy is an impossible balancing act.

Looking at their senior cat food is the perfect example of the dichotomy of Hill’s Science Diet. Their concern for phosphorus levels shows a deep understanding of feline health concerns and nutrition. Their high carbohydrate level shows that tradition and price point still reign supreme.

Best Low Phosphorus Food With A Variety of Flavors: Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels (Pouches Only)

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels in Sauce – Six Total Flavors: Salmon & Tuna, Duck & Turkey, Tuna, Chicken & Turkey, Salmon, and Chicken Liver Plus Pet Paws Notepad (12 Pouches Total, 3oz Each)

With Variety Of Flavours

Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels (Pouches Only)

Quality CKD cat diet from Wellness for adult cats with minimum Phosphorus content. 

Specific Nutrition General Nutrition Palatability Company’s Rating Total Rating
4 5 4 4.0 4.2

Wellness Healthy Indulgence has nearly the bare minimum phosphorus levels for the complete diet of adult cats. Depending on the flavor, phosphorus levels are 125 to 150 mg/100 kcal.

This food is quality stuff, so the price is just around what a prescription diet costs.

Your cat is likely to find a flavor she likes, with six choices. There are a variety of proteins to choose from, including chicken, salmon, tuna, and turkey.

The flavors are:

These foods all have a similar texture of “chunks in sauce.” Unfortunately, the other cat food textures that Wellness offers have a much higher phosphorus content.

That also goes for the canned version of Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels. The canned food is a different formula than the pouches and is much higher in phosphorus.

To achieve the correct texture, this food has a carbohydrate level of 22% on a dry matter basis. This certainly isn’t a “dangerous” level of carbohydrates, but ideally the level would be lower. On the plus side, the majority of this food is meat.

Like many wet cat foods, this food is produced in Thailand. This may raise concern for some pet owners, but Thai manufacturers have a good track record of safe pet food. Canned and pouched pet food in Thailand grew as a natural extension of the human-grade tuna industry.

Wellness has a good reputation for quality control. The parent company, Wellpet, is owned by outside financial interests, but it appears that this has given them the capital to invest in developing many flavors and styles of food.

Wellness is a well known brand and is widely available. If buying in-person, make sure to get this exact food. Similar Wellness products are much higher in phosphorus.

Dry Foods - A Last Resort

Cats with kidney disease should only be fed a wet diet. The increased moisture is the most important thing to keep the kidneys healthy. The only time dry food should be used is if your cat absolutely refuses to eat wet food.

There are many ways to help convince a cat to eat wet food instead of dry. Simply only offering wet food is NOT the way. Cats are so picky that they will starve themselves and get fatty liver disease. This can require hospitalization, especially in a cat who already requires a phosphorus restricted diet.

If your cat refuses wet food, try many brands, flavors and textures. Offer dry food only in meals, so that they are somewhat hungry and motivated to try a wet food. Getting your cat to eat any brand of wet food will help their kidneys more than a low-phosphorus dry food.

All this being said, we have two dry food recommendations for kidney disease if necessary.

Best All-Natural Low Phosphorus Dry Food : Now Fresh Grain-Free

Petcurean Now Fresh Grain Free Fish Adult Recipe Cat Food - 8lb

Best Dry Food Version

Now Fresh Grain-Free Fish

Recommended dry non-Phosphorus food for cats with renal failure. 

Specific Nutrition General Nutrition Palatability Company’s Rating Total Rating
3 3 5 4.7 3.6

If you absolutely must feed dry food, we recommend one of the three adult varieties Now Fresh Grain-Free. Senior, Adult and Adult Fish recipes have phosphorus levels of 145 to168 mg/100 kcal.

We like this food because the flavors will help ensure your cat finds something they like to eat. However, we recommend the fish flavor as our first-choice, because it has the highest caloric content and lowest level of phosphorus. And reviews indicate that most cats love this flavor anyway.

This food is on the higher end of the price range. Several sizes are available, so you can buy bulk or small “trial” sizes to help reduce cost.

Although there is no proven benefit to grain-free cat food, especially in dry recipes, this food does offer it as a feature for owners who are interested. Protein is primarily sourced from meat and carbohydrates are 32% as-fed, which is reasonable for a dry food.

Now Fresh is a brand of Petcurean, a small privately held Canadian pet food company. They contract out their manufacturing to a relatively small Canadian facility. Although this is a common practice in the pet food industry, this can be a point of concern as the brand can quickly lose oversight on quality.

However, Petcurean has an excellent quality history. The only recall we could find was from 2003, and Petcurean cut ties with the Texas manufacturing company who was to blame.

Petcurean should be commended for their strong investment in animal nutritionists. Most pet food companies of their size hire a single nutritionist on a freelance consulting basis or rely on the advice of the contract manufacturer to develop their formulas. Not Petcurean. This company actually has a nutrition staff. You can actually call them with nutrition questions. This is unheard of in the all-natural pet food world.

Many small independent-owned stores and online retailers carry this product, but you won’t find it at big chain pet stores.

Best Trusted Name Low Phosphorus Dry Food: Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Chicken Recipe

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult 11+ for Senior Cats, Chicken Recipe, 7 lb Bag

Best Budget Branded non-P Dry Food 

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 11+ Chicken Recipe

Recommended dry non-Phosphorus  food from a well-known brand. 

Specific Nutrition General Nutrition Palatability Company’s Rating Total Rating
3 2 5 4.0 3.3

As with their canned food, Hill’s is very careful about controlling phosphorus levels in their adult cat dry food. Adult 11+ Chicken Recipe has some of the lowest phosphorus levels of their foods. Phosphorus levels are 155 mg/100 kcal. For comparison, Hill’s prescription k/d dry cat food has 111 mg/100 kcal.

Carbohydrate levels in this food are 34% on an as-fed basis, which isn’t terrible for a dry cat food. Chicken is the first ingredient, and protein primarily comes from animal sources.

When buying in the large bag sizes, this food costs less than half of Hill’s prescription kidney dry food. Adult 11+ Chicken is one of the most cost-effective low phosphorus dry foods available.

Most cats love the taste of this food and it can be fed to most adult cats, even if they are not seniors. It you have concerns about your non-phosphorus restricted cats eating this food, Hill’s has a great nutrition support department that can help you decide what is best to do. 

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