Best Cat Trees For Extra Large Cats

In the wild, cats have a tendency to climb, jump, hide, scratch or simply lounge around. Replicating this environment in our homes will not only make our cats happier but the humans as well. Anyone would be stressed when their cat ambushes them from under the bed or when the sofa gets scratched to shreds.

Large cats like Bengals can quickly demolish furniture in their path if they start to get bored. Meanwhile, another big cat, Maine Coons would weigh 20+ pounds on their adult stages and will be a challenge to the stability and balance of any small cat furniture. 

The structure must be able to accommodate not just the weight but the overall size and length of the cat. 

Searching for cat trees for large cats can be difficult because of these challenges. In this guide we will look at three options for big cat owners, and help you make a decision.

ProductRankingBest FeatureBuy & Price
SmartCat Cat Climber3low profileBuy
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture2different ways to entertain catBuy
Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture1modularBuy

3. SmartCat Cat Climber

The first entry on this list is a minimalist cat climber by SmartCat. It is a simple 4 level platform with sisal post for simple climbing, sleeping or scratching. You don’t have to worry about big cats because each platform is about 17 inches x 8.5 inches. It can also handle the weight but some users are reporting that the frame bows.

The spring-loaded bracket system allows the cat climber to be hanged on standard doors. However, you will need to mount it if you have 8 foot or taller doors.

At 29 pounds, this carpet coated wood furniture is not heavy, and it does not need to be because the weight of the cat will be supported by the door.

An issue with the door mounted design is that the door makes a banging noise when the cat jumps on it. The door must also be closed so it will not swing when the cat mounts the climber.

Overall, the design is simple enough that many users “tweak” it to address any issues they may have. Some are screwing the frame to the door to prevent any bowing while some stagger the platforms more to make it easier for “scared” cats to come down.

This cat furniture is in the middle ground in terms of price but if you are a cat owner that does not have a lot of space for a full-sized cat tree but are looking for furniture where a cat can climb or scratch, then this product will fit your needs.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

The next entry on this list is a standard design cat tree. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture is tall at over 7 feet tall and it has all the bells and whistles. It has 3 big condo houses, 2 regular sized condo houses, 2 tunnels, 2 perches, 1 ladder, 1 swing and 2 mice.

You don’t have to worry if your cat will fit because the smallest condo house has a 12 inch x 12 inch area while the perches have 13 ¼ inch diameters. Cat owners with heavy cats, multiple cats, and multiple heavy cats are also satisfied. This cat tree weighs about 137 pounds so it is heavy enough to remain stable.

It comes in neutral brown or beige color scheme but if your room has a vibrant theme, then this tree will be a mismatch. Also, the large space it occupies may turn off cat owners living in tight spaces or those with sophisticated interior design.

The furniture is made of pressed wood covered in faux fur. The middle part of the posts is covered in sisal rope but the upper and lower sections are fur so “taller” cats may scratch the fur instead of the sisal.

This is a very expensive tree but it is durable enough to last.

If you are looking for cat towers for Maine Coons, Bengals, or other big cat breeds, then you should definitely look into this product.

1. Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture

Taking the top spot on this list is a modular cat furniture. The Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture is made from fleece with heavy duty coated fabric that is tear resistant, heavy duty sisal ramps and heavy duty ABS joints connecting the plastic tubes. The full length of the scratching post is covered in sisal.

This main kit contains 2 cubes, 4 scratching posts, a sisal ramp and 5 jingle bell toys but you can add passages, sleepers, towers or ramps by buying more modules. The area of the cube is 13 inches x 13 inches so it can fit a large cat inside.

The modular design allows you to mix and match different sections like a Lego. This kit is the cheapest on this list but if you plan on adding more modules, the price goes up really fast.

Because of the plastic and fabric design, it is very light. The basic set weighs in at about 10 pounds. This makes it easy to rebuild and remodel in different places indoors or outdoors. However, the pipe connections can loosen over time and must be constantly checked.

The overall height of the kit also varies depending on how many modules you stack up but a 3 level combination will have a height of around 4 feet.

This kit is very versatile and if you want an indoor and outdoor cat playground that you can rebuild many different ways to fit inside your home then you should check this product.

Buyer’s Guide

This guide only provides you with a small sample of the various designs of cat playgrounds. If you plan on buying other cat furniture for big cat breeds, this buyer’s guide will provide you with some things to consider.

The first thing that you should think about is the perch. Cats use perches to observe their surroundings while having a good vantage point. There are flat perches where the cat can stretch and u-shaped perches that prevent the cat from sliding off.

Hiding spots in the form of boxes and cylinders provide the cat with ambush spots and places to retreat to when they are feeling anti-social. Having different holes/tiers/levels in a multiple cat household means there will be less confrontation and competition among the cats and you can expect the “top cat” on the top perch.

The next thing to consider is the scratching post. Cats need to scratch because it is their way of grinding their claws and stretching. They also scratch to mark their territory and even relieve stress when they are anxious or angry. The post is usually wrapped in sisal which is 100% plant-based and is more durable compared to carpet lining.

Other features that you should consider are hanging toys or rope that can provide extra entertainment for the cats. Older cats may not be able to jump high and long and may need ledges to go about.

The next thing you should consider is the method of construction. Aside from being stronger, using screws also eliminate the toxic residue and smell when using glue. On the same note, plywood is more durable than particle boards and it does not contain formaldehyde resin which is toxic as well.

The overall construction must also be considered. It must be sturdy enough to carry the weight of multiple heavy cats without wobbling. You can also check if the tree and its perches are over the base. Some trees have perches well outside the base of support and when a heavy cat tries to jump on it, the tree will topple over.

Lastly, don’t fret if your cat doesn’t immediately warm up to its new playground, just give it time and it’ll start exploring and eventually love the furniture that you provide.

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