12 Awesome Eco-friendly Cat Toys

Plastic has been a double-edged sword of our planet. Plastic is cheap, durable, and very easy to produce. However, it has also been the cause of Earth’s countless environmental problems. Estimates suggest that around 50% of plastic is just used once and thrown away. Unless we take actions, our planet isn’t getting any better.

If you’re a cat-lover who wants to lend a helping hand, one of the simplest ways is to promote eco-friendly products for you and your cat. Instead of buying the usual rubber ducks, replacing them with eco-friendly and organic cat toys would be a start.

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If you’re in search for engaging entertainment for you and your cat and you want to take one step further on saving our planet, then take a look at these 12 awesome eco-friendly cat toys, completely harmless to the environment:

Eco Cat Fisher

Honest Pet Products’ creation is composed of a fish toy made from durable natural hemp fabric, filled with organic catnip, and attached to a bamboo pole with natural hemp twine. A removable bell is also added to stimulate your cat’s playing mood. The Eco Cat Fisher will surely be your cat’s favorite toy.

The 5-inch long, completely catnip-filled fish is made of 100% natural, sustainable hemp canvas. Connected to 6 feet of natural hemp twine and a 12-inch natural bamboo pole, the resulting product is a fun and interactive toy that inspires interactive playtime between you and your cat.


Eco Kitty Comet

Another one from Honest Pet Products, the Eco Kitty Comet will raise your cat’s activity to celestial levels.

This heavenly toy can be shared between you and your cat or can be clipped into an object for independent play. The 30 inches of natural hemp twine is attached to a 1 ½-inch solid hand felted wool ball that provides a natural lanolin scent that cats love. Together, you and your cat can attain happiness of stellar heights.

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Shelby the Hemp Mouse

From the Field’s earth-friendly product, Shelby the Hemp Mouse Cat Toy is the perfect stimulating eco-friendly toy for your cat. With your cat’s natural antagonism against mice, paired with the catnip’s natural behavioral effects on your feline friend, your cat will surely achieve an extremely fun and active enjoyment.

Shelby the Hemp Mouse is made entirely from hemp fabric filled with organic catnip. This completely biodegradable toy also comes with a 7-inch tail, making it an excellent toy for a game of cat and mouse.

Chase the Hemp Cat Tails

Made also by the eco-friendly company, From the Field, these toy cattails will provide the much-needed exercise for your furry friend.

The Chase the Hemp Cat Tails is filled with potent organic catnip, triggering your cat’s playful side. Made from all-natural hemp fabric, this product is undoubtedly strong, durable, and safe. These cattails are available in two sizes: 8 inches and 12 inches.

Dazzle the Bird

West Paw Design’s dazzling Dazzle the Bird Cat Toy can be your cat’s unusual new best friend.

The 4.5-inch tall Dazzle the Bird is stuffed with premium USDA-certified organic catnip. Meanwhile, Dazzle’s exterior is made from soft corduroy fabric. Added with a colorful enticing feather tail, your cat can have an adorable new partner.

Catnip Caterpillar

These irresistible wiggly caterpillars by West Paw Design are the perfect prey for your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

According to West Paw Design, the Caterpillar Organic Catnip Toy is stuffed with IntelliLoft®, the company’s exclusive eco-fiber made completely from recycled plastic. This cute caterpillar also contains premium USDA-certified organically grown catnip that your cat will surely love.

Luna Moth

The Luna Moth Loofah Cat Toy incorporates dental healthiness to your cat’s enjoyment, and, oh, eco-friendly too.

Produced by Cat Claws, Luna Moth is made from natural renewable loofah plant fibers, compressed for durability. The loofah’s textured fibers are great for your cat to chew, help remove built-up tartar, and promote clean teeth. Like a moth, you and your cat can fly away with happiness.

Eco-Family (Bunny)

Though unusual, a cat and a bunny can be friends too. This bouncy bunny from Le Sharma Trading Inc is the perfect companion to your beloved feline.

Bunny of Eco-Family is a rattle ball with a diameter of 2 inches. It is handmade from 100% natural wool with no harmful dyes. As a play ball, Bunny encourages interactive playtime between you and your cat and hopefully strengthen your bond.

Eco-Turtle (Ninja)

Sea turtles are among the species greatly affected by marine pollution. Accordingly, this eco-turtle toy by Le Sharma Trading Inc promotes using of organic materials towards an eco-friendly world.

Ninja of Eco-Turtle encourages earth-friendliness with its handmade 100% wool. The beautifully-crafted Ninja is also a great cat toy with its 4-inch length.

Unlike plush toys, there is no stuffing involved on Ninja, making it a sturdy toy for your cat that can last for a long time. Finally, the sea turtles can deal with one less plastic in the ocean.

Eco Cat Teaser

You can get the fun and excitement going between you and your cat with the Eco-Cat Teaser from Le Sharma Trading Inc.

This colorful and enticing cat teaser comes with “tentacles”, made from 100% boiled wool that combines softness with durability. The 36-inch eco-friendly rope is attached to a 10-inch wooden handle.

With a lengthy cat teaser, you’ll be assured you won’t get caught bloody on your cat’s sharp claws while it’s pursuing its “prey”.

Freddie the Fish

Freddie, the charming fish, could be the only fish your cat would snuggle with.

The bright and sunny Freddie the Fish is just one of the Beco Family produced by Beco Pets. Freddie is made from an eco-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. This soft and cuddly toy is double-stitched for more durability; able to withstand your cat’s wild and ferocious love bites.

For your cat’s euphoric necessities, Freddie is also stuffed with 10 grams (0.35 ounce) of catnip goodness.

Beatrice the Butterfly

The graceful butterfly Beatrice from Beco Pets will shower your cat with glitters of energy and bliss.

Also from Beco PetsBeatrice the Butterfly is made from recycled fabrics. Beatrice’s soft filling also makes the butterfly a good cuddling buddy. The bouncy butterfly is attached to a long rope which is also entwined to an extra long wand.

The catnip-filled bouncy toy is sure to provide you and your cat with endless amusement.

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