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You may be here looking for training tips, health tips, DIY or something else. What ever it may be, we’ve got you covered. 

Who Are We?

Welcome to PurringPal! The site is creating by two friends, both VETs. PurringPal was created to share knowledge and expertise of Miranda and Kathy to the world full of cat lovers. We’re trying our best to cover all topics related to cats. Currently we have around 200 informational pieces covering different aspects of owning a cat. Our motto is to be helpful for our readers to solve all kind of cat mysteries they might be having. In our case, each day is a day well spent towards that motto. 

Miranda LaSala

Veterinary Nurse

Kathy Hills

Veterinary Professional

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Are you looking for advertisement or any other deals? Wants to share a tip or two related to cats? Have any doubts to clear which isn’t written on our site? What ever it is, let us know. 

Two lovely cats